Year 2017-2018 Summary Report

Goala, Ethiopia – Educational & related support for 400 fourth graders taught by Religious Teachers Filippini (Honored Dec. 9, 2018 by MQAN)

  1. Uganda – support for disabled poor of “Imprint Hope” mission of Clare Byrne (Honored 12/9/18)
  2. Uganda – to several projects submitted by Fr. Kibeti:
    a. Educational support to students
    b. Construction of sanitation facilities (latrines)
    c. Food & medical support to landslide victims
    d. Construction of roof to complete a church
  3. Philippines:
    a. Allowances for students in Kawit, Cavite, Masbate & Palawan
    b. Rice distributions in Quezon and Manila
    c. Support of Prisons ministry
    d. Medical needs & Balikbayan boxes for the sick & poor in Pangasinan & Isabela
    e. Support of Seminarians in Kawit Cavite
    f. Feeding Program in Manila
    g. Four Water Pumps in rural areas in Palawan
    h. School Supplies and lunches for students
  4. Tanzania – Educational Grant to the Benedictine Sisters in honor and memory of
    Ann Petrocelli, our beloved Board member from Mendham, NJ
  5. India – church repairs and support of mentally ill
  6. Bolivia:
    a. Establish classroom for 50 very poor children
    b. Assist in funding a kidney transplant for religious leader
  7. Moganda, Cameroon:
    a. Funded construction of a piggery for villagers
    b. Rice distributions
  8. Rumphi & Chitimba Villages in Malawi – educational and medical support for students/villagers.

    In addition to the above expenditure programs, the following programs were initiated:

    1. Continue to support the graduating religious from Assumption College for Sisters so that we can extend their reach when they need funding in their homelands worldwide. The College’s motto is “Teach a Sister, Touch the World”. MQAN is trying to make the WORLD aspect effective for tens of thousands of orphans,
    disabled & very poor so the graduate sisters make a difference.

    2. Support the Religious Teachers Filippini worldwide which started December 2018 with a sizable grant for young students in the very poor area of Goala, Ethiopia.

    We will maintain contact with Sr. Mary Beth Lloyd, International Mission Director residing at Villa Walsh campus, Morristown.

    3. In 2018 for the 6th year in a row that our non-profit charity was evaluated internationally, Mary Queen of All Nations was “TOP RATED” by MQAN is ranked 34th among thousands of non-profits evaluated on-line worldwide. It is rated 4.95 stars out of 5 for Its work in the following areas: Disaster Aid; International; Education; Human Service. In each of these categories, we are ranked # 1 among the NJ non-profits evaluated.

    Jim Cavanaugh, President for The Board and Director Emeritus & Founder, Merla Ricafranca