Year 2016 Accomplishment Report

Year 2016 Accomplishment Report

In year 2016, Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance celebrated its 32nd year anniversary of its existence as an organization. With your love and generosity, we continued our work of Love and Mercy, reaching out to all those who need assistance to be able to have a better and healthier life, to have an education, and live in a better home, and become self-sufficient to be able to stand on their own. In all of our work, we have behind us, our good Lord Jesus, Blessed Mary and Blessed Joseph. They give us the strength, patience and perseverance, all the help we need to be able to do all that needs to be done. Without them, we would not know how we can possibly do all that we have done. The good Lord surely is behind all these. Somehow, our fund was stretched out.

In Uganda, through Fr. Pontius Bandua, your generosity helped 20 high school students have an education, which would not be possible if we haven’t reached out to them.

In Kenya, 8 high school students were given a chance to go to school through Sr. Josephine Kwenga who wrote, “Families of these students live in slums and rural areas of Kenya, with very little income or no income at all. With the help of the school fees subsidy received from your organization, we have been able to reach out to 8 families and supported one child from each family.” Actually, funds for 10 students were sent but due to increase in tuition fees, only 8 were assisted.

In Uganda, 13 secondary students received an education through the help of Fr. Joseph Martin Kibeti and through Sr. Teddy Joyce Adaku, 2 remaining college students were given assistance for their tuition fees.

In Iloilo, Philippines, through Sr. Michaela Suresca, 25 college students were provided with tuition fees and another 20 college students through Sr. Evelyn dela Cruz.

In Palanas, Masbate, Philippines, through Lucerfida Javinez, you provided tuition fees for 4 college and 1 high school students as well as 20 families were given rice, each family receiving 5 kilos a month. Another 50 families were given goats for self-sufficiency project. They were also given rice.

In Uganda, through Fr. Joseph Martin Kibeti, you provided funds for St. Mary’s Church to construct toilets for his parishioner’s use.

In Ilogi, Tanzania, through Sr. Atanasia Lwila, your generosity provided St. Josephine Bakhita English Medium Pre and Primary School with a water system for the school.

In Kawit, Cavite, Philippines, through Alan Illustrisimo, you provided funds to construct a small house to help a homeless family. Before Christmas, you provided 50 families with canned goods, cereal, dairy products, fruits, noodles and condiments. Another 40 families received before New Year, spaghetti, canned goods, fruits, and bread.

In Kawit, Cavite, Philippines, through Teresita Illustrisimo, you provided each with 2 kilos of rice to 1200 families in 6 Barangays, each barangay has 200 families. For Christmas, 90 gift packs were distributed to the sick and handicapped seniors. A Christmas party was provided to 100 poor kids and adults. Slippers were provided to the poor children and medicines to those who are sick, elderly and handicap.

In Manila, Philippines, through Novelyn Asturias Ricafranca, you provided rice twice a month to 200 families, Christmas gifts to 200 adults and chocolates to 300 kids. You also provided tuition fees for the education of 4 college students. Medical assistance was also provided to a poor woman with tuberculous meningitis.

In Cameroon, through Jeanne Moukossy, you provided rice, oil, soap and iron to 250 families.

We try to reach out to all those who need assistance, need for food such as rice, canned goods, non-perishable food items, clothes, education, housing and medical needs. Everyone who needs some support received the help they need. As the good Lord said “whatever you do to others, that you do to me.” We did everything to Jesus, for Jesus and through Jesus. Without HIM, we cannot do anything. With HIM, we can do everything.

Mass intentions were also provided to the following priests:
Fr. Zoilo R. Deslate Jr. in Palawan, Philippines – 215 Mass intentions
Fr. Pontius Bandua in Uganda -33 Mass intentions
Fr. Kasipogu Balaraj in India – 99 Mass intentions
Fr. Bernard Kyoribona in Rwanda – 99 Mass intentions

20 Balikbayan boxes were also sent to the following in the Philippines.
5 boxes to Sr. Michaela Suresca in Molo, Iloilo.
2 boxes to Sr. Milagros Caperig in Zarraga, Iloilo.
9 boxes to Fr. Zoilo R. Deslate, Jr. in Rio Tuba, Palawan.
2 boxes to Adoracion Evangelista in Lucban, Quezon.
1 box to Sr. Maria Dolores Tan in Project 4, Quezon City.
1 box to Sr. Evelyn dela Cruz in Zarraga, Iloilo.

These boxes measures 28x17x18 inches, each box weighing more than 50 lbs., contains school and office supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, color pencils, drawing paper, copy paper, paper clips, eraser. Also books, clothes, toys, non-perishable food items, canned goods, pasta and many other basic necessities.