Year 2014 Accomplishment Report

Year 2014 Accomplishment Report

PRAISE THE LORD!! A million thanks for all your help. Year 2014, we completed our 30 years of tender loving care for our poor brothers and sisters in many different parts of the world. I am presenting to you, a summary of the fruits of your love and generosity that helped in various ways, our poor brothers and sisters, to help themselves stand on their own, by becoming self-sufficient, thus able to rise above poverty. You helped improved their lives, a change for the better and healthier life and also assisting them with necessities and supplies they need to live and provisions for their studies. You also provided for their medical needs.

In Uganda, through Sr. Teddy Joyce Adaku, you started helping 5 orphans. One of them have finished her studies and now able to earn and support herself and help her family. This year you provided funds for the education of the other four orphans. Two had started vocational training in 2014. The other two are in Senior 3 and 4. With the education provided to them, they will learn skills and knowledge that will help them become self-sufficient to be able to support themselves and help their families.

Also in Uganda, through Fr. Joseph Ssebyala, you helped sent 26 orphans to school. Two are in college who will be completing their studies in a year. If they finished their studies, they will be able to get a job and live a dignified life. Four orphans are finishing their Senior Four and twenty are in lower classes. In the past, we have provided Fr. Joseph with water tanks to water his coffee plantation during dry season. We also provided more funds to be able to buy more land and to plant more coffee trees. He now has 400 coffee trees. He is hoping to reach his target of 2000 coffee trees hoping we could help him more. When the time comes that he would be able to harvest the coffee trees, by then, he would be able to become self-sufficient and will be able to help the orphans under his care to finish their studies. But this would take a few more years to become a reality. He is hoping that we continue supporting the orphans, which we do, depending on the availability of funds.

In Kenya, through Sr. Josephine Kwenga, you support ten students in their studies. We also have a nutrition center in Garissa under Bishop Paul Darmanim where the poor children are fed and cared for. This nutrition center is also used as a learning center along side with the feeding program. It is also used to care for those affected with HIV/AIDS.

In India, through Bishop Jaya Rao Polimera and Fr. Vijaya Kumar Yadala, you provided funds for a water purifier to provide the people with clean purified water.

Also in India, through Bishop Gali Bali and Fr. Showry Raju Yarasapu, you provided the village with a Water Mineral Shed to house the water purifier machines so that people could have clean drinking water. 66 Mass Intentions were also provided.

In Rwanda, through Fr. Bernard Kyoribona, you provided his church with a sound system to help him in his efforts to evangelize his people better. You also provided him with 132 Mass Intentions.

In Italy, you provided Fr. John Avua Amandu with 83 Mass Intentions.

In Molo, Iloilo, Philippines, through Sr. Michaela Suresca, OP, you continue to help typhoon victims in rebuilding and repairing the houses of the people. You also provided funds for tuition of six students and education of two young students plus uniforms and renovation of their house that was damaged by the typhoon. You also gave piggery self-sufficiency project for them. A piggery self-sufficiency project was also provided for a widow and her 3 girls, all victims of the typhoon needing assistance. A wheelchair was also provided for an elderly bedridden paralyzed grandfather and also assistance for a poor family. 8 Balikbayan boxes were also sent to her containing basic necessities, clothes, non-perishable food and school supplies.

In Uganda, you provided Fr. Alex Oketch funds to provide Fr. Joseph Kibeti with a motorcycle to help him reach his people who are in very remote areas, very difficult to reach by foot. With this motorcycle, he is enabled to celebrate Masses, administer the Sacraments and evangelized his people better, bringing them closer to God and to our Mama Mary. Fr. Kibeti is also requesting funds to complete the churches in his area, one of them, St. Mary’s Church need to have a roof and all the furnishings for the church.

In India, you provided Sr. Christina with funds for the support, maintenance and needs of “KAIROS”, the Home for Girls.

In Zarraga, Iloilo, Philippines, through Sr. Milagros Caperig, OP, fifteen college students were provided with tuition fees and two seminarians were provided funds for their education as well as plane ticket to Manila where they will enter the seminary. A family was also provided with self-sufficiency project. Sr. Milagros was also provided assistance for her own mother’s surgery. You sent her 14 balikbayan boxes containing music books, clothes, school supplies, non-perishable food items, toys and basic necessities.

In Tondo, Manila, Philippines you provided Sis Rosario “Charing” Denoga with funds to help her in her hospital bill and for her midicines. Sis Rosario was also provided with funds for the education of ten students and rice subsidy for 80 families living in the slums. A bedridden lady named Anita, who is living outside a building on a metal bed we provided for her and a tarp to protect her from the weather, is also being assisted with rice and her medical needs, as well as monthly allowance for her daily basic needs. You sent her balikbayan boxes containing clothes, rosaries, school supplies, basic necessities, non-perishable food items as well as vitamins and calcium for her and for Anita, the bedridden lady. Sis Rosario though not well, has been very willing to assist the poor in their needs. She served the poor to the very end.

In Bolivia, through Fr. William Keenan, OFM, you provided educational assistance to 13 seminarians and 12 college and HS students. You also provided Bishop Juan Vargas with funds for evangelization. Two youth groups from two parishes, Caranavi and Sorata, were provided funds for their activities. Medical assistance was also provided to Basilia Bautista, as well as emergency funds for the seminary. 66 Mass Intentions was also provided.

In Bolivia, you presented Fr. Mario Chura Alanoca, funds to have his kidney transplant. Fr. Mario had kidney problems for many years, even when he was still a seminarian.I visited him in 1997 with Fr. John Heusser and attended the ordination of the seminarians we were assisting. Two were ordained to the priesthood and four to the diaconate, one of them was Fr. Mario Chura Alanoca. The following year he was ordained to the priesthood. I visited his family and have seen his house. We met his mother at the plaza where she was selling the bread she baked. They live in a one room house with dirt floor, two beds and a table. They pay rent for this room, electric bill and also for another room which they use as their kitchen to bake the bread. The father is away doing carpentry work. He comes home every two or three months as transportation is not only very hard and expensive but takes several days. You gave Fr. Mario 33 Mass Intentions.

In 2014, he informed me that he would need a kidney transplant. His younger sister is willing to be his kidney donor. This January 2015, he will be seeing his doctor who has been waiting for his kidney filtration rate to come down from 22 to 16 before he operates on Fr. Mario. In the mean time, I have been sending to him the money he needs for his operation, so that he has it on hand when the time arrives that his doctor decides to do the kidney transplant.

In Ethiopia, through Fr. Pius Prosper Nagawantu, you provided for the education of 17 orphan students, for tuition and exercise books.

In Palawan, Philippines, through Fr. Zoilo R. Deslate, Jr., you gave assistance for the support of two seminarians. You gave Fr. Zoilo 150 Mass Intentions as well and sent 16 balikbayan boxes containing books, clothes, school and office supplies, rosaries, religious items, basic necessities, non-perishable food items, brand new shirt and vitamins, calcium, and Ubiquinol for his heart, for his own used. He had a heart attach the year before I visited him in 2009.

In Quezon City, Philippines, through Sr. Ma. Dolores Tan. SCC, you sent 2 balikbayan boxes for the School for the Blind, containing clothes, non-perishable food items and basic necessities.

In India, you provided Fr. Kasipogu Balaraj with 149 Mass Intentions.

In India as well, you provided Bishop Moses Prakasam with funds for the education of ten students and for 66 Mass Intentions.

In Uganda you provided Fr. Pontius Bandua with 83 Mass Intentions.

In India also, you provided Fr. Cyriac (Shiju) Malayil with assistance for 25 seminarians, 2 of whom have been ordained and one waiting for ordination soon. These seminarians are studying at Kristu Jyoti College in Bangalore. We need more sponsors to help support these seminarians.

In the Philippines, through Ariel Ricafranca, you provided him with funds to feed the street children. He helped us feed the street children while he is on vacation in the Philippines. With the help of some relatives and friends where he stayed, he was able to gather and feed at least 800 children on three occasions. He also gave the children small toys for Christmas.

In Nigeria, you provided Sr. Josephine Okafor with five brand new vestments, chasubles and stoles, white, green, red, gold and purple which she brought to Nigeria for the newly ordained priests. Sr. Josephine has been living in Louisiana for many years now and went back to Nigeria to visit her family and to attend the ordination and provide the newly ordained priests with vestments.

Through Sis Adoracion Abuel in Quezon, Philippines, you continue to provide tuition fees for twenty one college students including one seminarian. One student will be graduating in Education this coming April 2015. You continue to provide rice subsidy to 65 families. The parish priest, Msgr. Okena was provided with a red vestment. A picture of him wearing the chasuble was sent to us. We also have sent to her balikbayan boxes containing clothes, school supplies, rosaries and religious items as well as basic necessities, vitamins for her and non-perishable food items, which she distributed to the students and the poor in the slums. One of the students, Anna Marie Presentacion, who have already graduated in Education, now teaching, married with one child and helping her mother and family has sent me her letter of appreciation with her picture. I am quoting from her letter, “I would like to express my sincerest gratitude that you became a part of my life. I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to be one of your scholars. Now that I already finished my studies as a teacher, I will always treasure you as a God-given gift to me. Thank you for being kind-hearted and I know that there are many dreams that will come true because of your hopeful support. Thank you very much and I will never forget you!!!”

All over the Philippines, our lay prison minister, Manuel Navoa, you provided him with balikbayan boxes containing items that he distributes to the prisoners such as basic necessities, rosaries, religious items, prayer cards, non-perishable food items, soaps, paper and envelopes so prisoners could write to their families, clothes and many basic items for distribution to the prisoners. You also provide him with funds for his transportation as he visits all the prisons, rehab centers, jails, all over the country. He sends us reports and pictures of his prison ministry. He also goes to schools and talks to students to encourage them in their studies, to avoid drugs, alcohol, vices and evil things.

In summary, you have sent 43 balikbayan boxes. These boxes are large boxes, each box measures 17” x 19” x 28”, each box weighing more than 50 lbs.

My brothers and sisters, I want to thank you all once again, a million times, for your love, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. You are all our partners in this Ministry of Love, to reach out to all our poor brothers and sisters in need, especially those in the Third World countries where people live in extreme poverty and do not have the resources that we have here in U.S. I want to reassure you once again that your donations go to the poor 100%. Our funds are very limited as donations are low, but despite of it so many are being helped and many have already been able to rise above poverty. We give with great LOVE the little we have and the good Lord multiplies them so that many benefits from it. Our good Lord said that “Whatever you do for others, that you do unto me.” And so my dear beloved partners, you have helped Jesus HIMSELF by helping the poor. It is our dear Lord who will reward you all abundantly according to your Love.

GOD BLESS AND LOVES YOU ALL. And may HE protect and keep you in HIS loving care.

Your loving and caring sister,