Fall 2013 Newsletter

My dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peace, joy and love of Christ be with you all!

It has been quite a while since I have sent you a newsletter. Life has been so busy not only in trying to meet the needs of our poor brothers and sisters in the different parts of the world, but also in trying to get more reviews at greatnonprofits 2013 competition, that we hope would be a means for us to have more exposure to prospective donors and corporate foundations. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have given us reviews and put us up on top.

I am happy to report to you that we have landed at the top as the most reviewed nonprofit in New Jersey, in the four categories that we are listed in, that is International, Education, Human Services and Religion. We landed third in U.S. Of the 386 reviews in the 2013 campaign, MQAN rated 4.95 out of 5 Stars. Greatnonprofits has compiled a list of Top-Rated nonprofits of which we are also included. I believe this list will be provided to greatnonprofits partnered media and to corporate foundations. I encourage you all to go to www.greatnonprofits.org and check the reviews that we have received from our missionaries, our poor brothers and sisters whom we served, donors, volunteers and the general public. It is truly humbling and a great joy to know from the reviews that we have made an enormous difference in the lives of our poor brothers and sisters in the third world countries. Please continue to give us your five star reviews for 2014 contest.

On November 2, 2013, Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance was awarded the Caritas Award for convening by Catholic Charities of our Paterson Diocese. We received our heart-shaped Caritas Award, with a nesting pelican surrounded by her young atop the heart. We are grateful to all those who have made it possible for us to receive this award.

In the event that our good Lord sends us more donors and we receive substantial donations, we are hoping to provide more to all our projects that at the present, we are only able to give very limited funding. Such projects are assistance to seminarians, students, most especially those in college, rice subsidy, prison ministry, sanitation and medical assistance and hopefully more self-sufficiency projects to assist more poor people to rise above poverty.

This year, funds we have so far received are very minimal but we continue to reach out to all, especially to on-going projects. I would like to give you a summary and some pictures, as well as progress reports, after the project has been implemented and how it impacted the lives of the people who are the recipients of your love, kindness and generosity. Let us all be thankful to the good Lord, for the strength, courage and perseverance that together, with great love, we are able to give a hand to our poor brothers and sisters, through self-sufficiency projects, education, etc.

fall newsletter 1

to improve their lives, health and sanitation as well as have an education that will help them rise above poverty, be able to stand on their own and support their families.

I am happy to report to you that in Rwanda, with the last group to receive the distribution of 35 more goats, 100% of the poorest parishioners of Fr. Bernard Kyoribona will become self- sufficient. Fr. Bernard have given us two reviews at the greatnonprofits on the projects that we have provided and the impact of these on the lives of his people. Some of those who have received our assistance also have given us reviews. Before this year ends, Fr. Bernard could celebrate with his people, that 100% of his parishioners, are now able to stand on their own and able to support their families. Mass Intentions were also provided to Fr. Bernard.

Fr. Bernard provided us photos to show the goat project and the recipients of your love, kindness and generosity.

In India, Fr. Vijaya Paul was provided with funds for the education of 10 students and Mass Intentions. We have provided Fr. Vijaya assistance for a number of students for over a decade now and all are grateful for the continued assistance. One of these students whom we have assisted has now finished her studies and she had put a review at greatnonprofits. This is what she wrote, “I am T.Sruthi, 23 years from India, I am one of the beneficiaries of Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance, Dover, NJ USA. I have been supported for more than a decade for my education through this organization. Today I have completed B. Tech from JNTU (Javaharial Nehru Technology University), because of the financial support of this organization. We are 10 students who had been supported through this organization for the last thirteen years. We are grateful to this organization. We came to know that this organization is supporting many more students, mostly orphans. Thanks to Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance and especially, to the founder Merla Ricafranca.”

In the Philippines, we continue to assist the two seminarians of Fr. Zoilo R. Deslate, Jr. and also provided him with Mass Intentions. The flood victims were assisted and the old nuns were provided with wheel chair, 15 college students are supported through Sr. Michaela Suresca. We continue to support Manuel Navoa in his prison ministry all over the Philippines. Through Sis.Rosario Denoga, we continue the rice subsidy, education of high school and college students, assistance for medical and basic necessities. Likewise, we continue the projects under Sis. Adoracion Abuel, namely, rice subsidy, education of elementary, high school and college students as well as 2 seminarians, assistance for medical and basic necessities. All these missionaries have given reviews at greatnonprofits, except for Sis Adoracion who has no computer and no access to the internet. Please go to www.greatnonprofits.org to read their reviews that will touch your hearts and see how the good Lord is working through MQAN.

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Also in India, 10 students were provided educational funds through Bishop Moses Prakasam and 25 seminarians provided with assistance through Fr. Matthew Uzhunnalil.

Fr. Showry Raju Yarasapu in India was given Mass Intentions. Previously, we provided him with funds to build two mineral water sheds and toilets for two primary schools without toilet facilities. He has since been transferred to another parish. He has been requesting for funds for toilets and other projects for his new place but due to lack of funds, Fr. Showry has to wait until we can collect enough for all the needs of his people. Hopefully, this coming year, with more exposure to corporate foundations and prospective donors through greatnonprofits and the workings of Jesus, Mama Mary and Papa Joseph, we might be able to provide Fr. Showry with funds to meet the needs of his poor people. Many other missionaries are also requesting for similar projects and for assistance for equipments for their medical dispensary.

In Uganda, you provided Sr. Teddy Joyce Adaku, funds for the education of 5 girls. One of these students will be graduating in a Vocational School of Tailoring and Cookery and will be employed by December of this year. We hope to continue to assist the other four secondary students until they are able to graduate in their respective careers and earn a living.

Also in Uganda, through Fr. Joseph Ssebyala, funds for the education of many orphans, in primary and in secondary and Mass Intentions were provided. Previously, we have provided Fr. Joseph with medical assistance for his sick mother. We provided him with a piece of land to plant more coffee, for coffee plantation to add to his existing land. For irrigation we provided him with two large water tanks. Fr. Joseph Ssebyala is requesting for funds to purchase more land to add to their present coffee plantation to have enough harvest, when the time comes, as future proceeds will be used for the needs and education of the orphans. By then, he will be self-sufficient, able to provide for the many orphans under his care. We do not have funds for his latest request. Fr. Joseph also has some college students, but we are unable to provide for them as their needs are more than what we can afford to give. We hope in the coming year, if more donations come through, with God’s help, that we will be able to provide more funds to Fr. Joseph for the education of more than 100 orphans, many whose parents died of HIV/AIDS.

Sr. Sarah Tari of Kenya was provided funds for food for the nutrition center which we built in 1991. It has now grown to provide the children not only with food but also with education.

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Pontius Bandua of Uganda was provided with funds for self-sufficiency, sewing machines and carpentry tools. The students will be taught how to sew and how to use the carpentry tools to learn skills and knowledge they need to become self-sufficient and be able to earn a living.

In Bolivia, through Fr. William Keenan and Fr. Emilio Medrano, you provided funds for the education of 15 seminarians, 4 high school and 4 university students, for evangelization funds for Bishop Juan Vargas, Youth Groups at Caranavi and Sorata parishes, Mass Intentions, medical assistance to Basilia and emergency funds for the seminary.

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In India, 34 more students were provided with education, supplies, uniforms, through Fr. Kasipogu Balaraj. Mass Intentions was also provided. A lady going blind was also assisted with funds for an eye surgery. Old ladies received sarees and old sick man, food and medicine.

I do hope that this newsletter has given you a glimpse of what your love and generosity have accomplished in the lives of our poor brothers and sisters in the missions. As always, your donations are used 100% for all these projects. Operational expenses, I personally shoulder myself, at times, I have to fill in what is lacking in donations. It is my way of showing my love for the good Lord and for our many poor brothers and sisters in the Third World countries. Besides, the good Lord invests it in heaven where HE gives great dividends and high interest. He will reveal this to us, when we come face to face with him in heaven. God loves you all. Please share this with your families and friends. Check reviews at www.greatnonprofits.org.

Mary Queen of All Nations, pray for us.

Love from Merla