Sr Teddy Joyce Adaru

I, Sr. Teddy- Arua, wish to make a humble appeal if you can still carry on financial offer towards the tuition of the remaining two needy ladies (Dorene and Stella) under our care and support. I know the situation may be hard but please, any little offer is highly welcome. In fact, this 2017 is the last academic year for Stella at Nurse training school Arua, but Dorene had dropped last year since we could not shoulder the cost of their education both at ego…she needs to resume early February but sincerely we are unable to push them to the finish. Last year i called on you, feedback was hard to get, i was really stressed but thank God, the Administrators know and respect me so much, except we now have debts to clear at the start of this academic year. We are look forward to your help and rescue at least for the two girls left, the others finished well and are already self employed, helping their families and followers at home.

Looking forward to your positive response so that we can plan well for the academic year 2017.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Sr. Teddy Joyce Adaku