Sr Suresca Appeal -June 2017

June 2, 2017

Dear Merla,

School year 2017- 2018 begins this first week of June. May I ask for assistance for our scholars once again. There were ten of them last year. Val Leonero graduated last April. Here are the nine continuing students:

1. Sammy Escasa is in his fourth year. Hopefully he will .
graduating at the end of this school year

2. Christa Mae de Juan. will also be graduating BS in Education.

you are giving them $ 100 dollar each per semester. Can you give them extra for their graduation expenses?

3. Christy de Juan is third year BS in Education.

4. Jennelie Bautista is third year BS Management

5. Leo Echalar is third year at Polytechnic college .

6. Ranie Calanao is at Grade 12 (Senior High)

7. Renniela Calanao (Roxanne) Grade 10

8. Jeanna Rose Garalda -Grade 9

There are two new ones applying for help. I will send their Bio-data next mail .Please complete ten scholars for me this year.

Thank you very much.

Sr. Michaela, O.P.