Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance
Address – 8 Reservoir Ave. Dover, NJ 07801

Phone – (973) 361-5824 / 891-1780


1. Support the poor and needy in the world thru established missionaries,e.g.;

  •  Helping rebuild lives in disaster areas like the Philippine typhoon.
  •  Help them improve nutrition, sanitation, shelter, medications, etc.

2. Help the poor and needy stand on their feet thru self-sufficiency projects,e.g.;

  •  Animal raising like pigs, goats, etc.
  •  Income producing such as sewing, carpentry, agriculture, etc.

3. Provide educational support to rise above poverty.

4. 100% of donations used for the poor.

  •  No salaries taken.
  •  Administration and operational expenses shouldered.