Sr Michaela’s 5 stars recommendation

September 14, 2017
My dear Merla,
God be Glorified in the Exaltation of the Cross!
We had sent 8 reviews for Mary Queen of All Nations.:  six from the Dominican College of Iloilo and two from Sammy Escasa and mine. You may check the 8 latest ones posted. We have a nice picture there posted by Sr. Evelyn,  with Noel,  the 20 scholars with some teachers, Sr. Evelyn and the sisters teaching in the College. You may find me sitting last from left to right.
Next time we will let the new scholars write their story because the ones who had written reviews in the past, their posts are not accepted anymore.
I hope those reviews can attract more kind and generous benefactors to help our needy young people who strive to finish their education to be of help to themselves and their families rise from poverty.
God bless all our efforts. May Jesus be glorified.
Sr. Michaela, O.P.