Sister Evelyn of Dominican College of Iloilo Report

Report from Owen, Global Ambassador of Mary Queen of All Nations.

I had a conversation with Sister Evelyn of Dominican College of Iloilo. She has informed me that there’s an excess of 28,000 pesos (roughly around $550) from the livelihood program that MQAN has donated to them. I was also informed by Sister Alma, the head of the school if it is possible to focus on the Scholarship program rather than the livelihood program as they find it more effective to have more kids to finish their studies and they always find a fail result on the livelihood program. They have asked for your approval if it is okay to transfer the existing fund of 28,000 pesos from the livelihood program to the scholarship program to be used by the existing students. As per Sister Evelyn, it would be a great help since they need to finance the scholar’s tuition fee for the next semester. I have included Sister Evelyn on this email so once the board has come up for a decision, she can be easily notified.

Thanks and God Bless as always,