Rizza Mae Jerusalem Report

Dear Ma’am Merla and MQAN family

I am Ma.Jessa Mae P. Jerusalem a Second Year Student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education at Dominican College of Iloilo. I am very thankful to be one of your scholars. You give us hope that finally I can continue my studies with no worries,I know that saying thank you is not enough,but I promise that I will do my best in order to graduate,and I want to show you that I’m deserving to be your scholar. Our family was also thankful,and your kindness will allow me to continue my studies.
I am very sorry if my message was late because we had our midterm exam,and we need to study.Sr. Evelyn is always reminding us to communicate with you and to the MQAN Family. And to Sir Roel Nolasco(the global ambassador of MQAN) thank you for visiting us here in Dominican College of Iloilo,to see the MQAN Scholars, we really appreciate your presence.
I am praying for your health and goodness,and also for the whole MQAN Family.And to Miss Michelle Jesipaz-Livsey,I hope you can survive from your sickness, may the God heal you,because nothing is impossible with him.Ma’am Merla and to MQAN Family thank you very much.

Gob Bless You.

With Love and prayers,
Ma Jessa Mae P. Jerusalem