Rice Subsidy from Sta. Mesa

To: Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance
8 Reservoir Ave
Dover NJ 07801

From: Novelyn Ricafranca
Coordinator of the Bi- Weekly Rice Subsidy
2026 Mindanao Ave
Sta. Mesa Philippines

Re: Rice Distribution Report

Date: January 4, 2017

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to send my email as promised last Sunday. It was locked due to some errors in signing.

I resend some of my emails I sent which you haven’t received including the accounting. Remaining money as of august 14, 2016 was 19,967.50 pesos and was not enough to continue the rice distribution. From now on after emailing I will call you to make sure you receive it.  Also please check your spam folder, sometimes it goes there.

For our rice distribution starting June I reduced the recipients to 200 families from 250. We’re distributing rice twice a month as what you instructed me to do which costs 65,300 in peso or in dollar its $ 1,350 depends on how much is the exchange rate. I’m not sure yet if there’s price increase in the rice. Do you want to do it once a month only?

With regards to gift giving, for adults we will at least spend 200 pesos (more or less $5.00 etc) for 200 families and 1 box of chocolates for the kids that costs 55pesos (less that $2.00 etc)


1. Rice distribution 200 families twice a month — $ 1,350 more or less — 1 month only
2. Gift giving for adults 200 families —–$ 850.00 more or less
3. Gift giving for children 300kids 1 box of chocolate —— $400, 00 more or less

With regards to the scholarship there were 4 students, 3 of them were children of my batch mate in Romblon.

1. Torres Family – mother is a plain housewife and father was an ordinary laborer… they have 4 children 2 elementary and 2 high such graduate….the one that I am asking for your assistance was the eldest . Plans to go to school in Technical education and skills development authority (TESDA) . It’s a government program and is free but he needs money for his allowance at least I guess 2,000 a month which is $45.00 more or less. Someone will pay for his boarding house (one of our batch mate) that’s why what he need was allowance monthly and any materials needed for what his going to take up…

2. Gacillos family ….mother is also working but is already a widow just recently.  She has a daughter who is a college student but is already a scholar of Department of Education (DOST) other children were in high school and elementary. They were studying in a public school so what they need is also a little help in their allowance.

3. Marfil family —mother is also a widow his husband died just recently. She has 3 children eldest is taking up criminology, 2nd child stopped studying and the youngest is taking up BS tourism management at ACCESS 1st yr college, her tuition fee is 18,000 pesos and allowance monthly is around 3,000pesos .

4. Conanan family — single father, her wife left him with 2 kids, just a little assistance in their school and a little bit allowance. Maybe $100.00 every 5mos

I will send more information you needed and pictures if you decide to help them. I just thought that they really need help. Of course all will be under your approval; I just gave the estimate money they needed so you’ll have an idea.

I also want to ask help or any amount you could give this Christmas to 1 of my batch mate who has a very sick son, bedridden they were also living in Romblon and I together with our other batch mates contributed some amount to give but of course it wasn’t enough. I just thought that maybe you can help a little, they were really, really poor, both father and mother were working (laborer and the mother is renting a land to plant) but only enough and maybe not really enough for their food .the mother is also diabetic. The story was their son was their hope to at least bid goodbye to too much poverty but all of a sudden he got sick and until now can’t really push thru with his medical check up since the doctor in our province ask them to bring him here in manila. Because they can’t afford to bring him here for further check up the family has no choice but just stay in the province.  Attached herewith is the picture of the mother who is my batch mate and his sick son. I’m asking your kind heart to at least give him any amount you can spare for them this Christmas to at least help in their food expenses and buy some vitamins.

That would be all for now. Hope this email reaches you. Take care and God bless you.

Novelyn Ricafranca
On behalf of the people here in Sta. mesa