Mary Grace Encabo Report

Dear Ma’am Merla and your team,

How are you? I hope and pray that you are in good health now, because according to Sir Roel, when he visited here at the Dominican College of Iloilo last Jan.13, 2017 that you’re not feeling well, hopefully that you’re in good condition now.

We are happy that we met Sir Roel, I hope also that we can meet you so that we can say thank to you personally. I am Mary Grace Encabo, 2nd year student of Dominican College of Iloilo. Since 1st year I am one of the recipients of the MQAN Scholars.

Thank you for your generous support. And for this opportunity that had given to me. It is really a big help in my studies. Actually I am a working student and to be raise in a less privileged family means facing financial and academic challenges but it helped me realize the value of education. The scholarship will help me to have a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, which requires special training and time. My passion for teaching is matched by my love and concern for those people who cannot attend school like my siblings. Rest assured for our prayer for the speedy recovery of Michelle Jesipaz-Livsey that is very sick right now. I know that God is always there to help her, nothing is impossible with Him.

Lastly, my educational pursuits will not be possible without generous support through scholarship sponsors like your support and your trust to us and I am committed to finish my studies to be a teacher, Again a million thanks to you and your team. Hope you will not get tired of helping us and others to reach our goal in life. Thank you and God bless to all MQAN family.

Mary Grace Encavo