Jerson Suarez

From: jerson suarez <>
Date: Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 6:29 PM
Subject: Donations thru a partnership


Hi Merla,

Hopefully this message finds you well. I am the owner of a NJ business called RMC LLC DBA “zeroforsolar” which is active in lowering residential homes electricity bills via installing solar panels that save 20%/30% annually on electricity bills. You may not know be aware but NJ is the 2nd most active state behind California is adapting to solar power for electricity and 100,000s of single family homes are expect to install solar panels in the next few years.

I am reaching out to you because I came across your non-for-profit on the web and I am excited with your cause and the great work you all are doing around the globe. To that end, I would like to propose going forward my company reward your organization with $650 for every solar install that my company procures/installs thru a referral program thru your non-for-profit network. All your organization would have to do is provide contact info for single family homeowners in your network that would be interested in installing solar panels in their home. My business/company would take care of everything else, from sales process to installation. And, indeed when an install occurs as a result of your referral, we will right away write a $650 check to your non-for-profit that can go towards the great work that you are already doing. this can become a $10,000+ annual channel for donations.

If your organization has any interest is discussing this opportunity, I am certain you may have many questions which I am happy to have a call or meet in person to discuss as I reside in Bergen County. My company will pay for marketing materials and share ideas on how we can approach your non-for profits’ network to see who is interested in participating knowing they will be saving thousands on electricity while rewarding your cause with $650. I would also be happy to present in-person at any upcoming event where you are expecting to have an audience to see if we can get some interest from your network.

I am also attaching a write up on myself to give you some background on who I am since we have not met face-to-face yet.



I look forward to meeting you soon,

Jerson Suarez Sr
RMC LLC/zeroforsolar