Hazel Mitz Dillo

Dear Ma’am Merla and MQAN family,

Greetings of peace and love!

“Education can be also fulfilled with the help of others.’’ The education that I can use as a weapon in the near future. I feel blessed and thankful to God to be one of the beneficiaries’ of your charitable alliance.

I am Hazel Mitz Dillo, taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. A third year student. I am also one of the working students who received cash. It is a big help for me especially in my financial needs since in my first year until now.

Thank you for your undying support which contributed a lot especially in my academic journey. I know that God will always bless you together with your company for having a merciful heart and for being openhanded in helping us. I will always cherish this opportunity that you have given to me.

When Sir Roel came here just to meet us in person it causes us too much happiness. Thank you so much for the effort. I really appreciate it.

In addition, I will pray to our Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ that all the members of Mary Queen of All Nations may have good health, safety and protection. Rest assured for our prayer for Michelle Jesipaz-Livsey, who is sick until now. More power to you and for the MQAN family.

I already send to you this letter last October 2016 but according to Sr. Evelyn you didn’t received any message from us. She keeps on reminding us to update you about our studies. I am really sorry if you waited for so long but again thank you so much.
Thank you and May God bless you all.

Respectfully yours,
Hazel Mitz Dillo