Great Non-Profit 5 star rating for MQAN from Rachel Tagal


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I am Reachel Tagal a working student and one also of beneficiaries of MQAN scholarship that graduated last March 26, 2017 at Dominican College of Iloilo. This scholarship contributed a lot of what I am today and also with the help of the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines. Currently I am a asst. librarian and at the same time the in charge of the HRS laboratory at Dominican College of Iloilo. I was luckily to be absorb by the school where I graduated and I am very thankful for that.
Like many others I have also a simple dream before. Just to have a degree but the thing is, I never expected to have a job after graduation.
Nothing impossible with the help of people have the heart to help for those needy. I was inspired to continue and persevere despite of the struggles and challenges until I reach of what I am today. With those people like Maam Merla, the founder, Mr. Nolasco, the Global Ambassador who visited us last January, 2017 and we are blessed and glad for the effort just for us. Also for the board of members of MQAN and for those who help to make it strong and able to help people.
I hope that this story of mine will also inspired others to continue what they have started and don’t stop dreaming. I do believe that we are the captain of our own ship and the author of our own book. We are the one who wrote our own stories and decide what will be the ending of it.
Thank you so much for an inspiration for everyone. God bless everyone. It is not easy but everything is worth it.