Global Ambassador Report

To Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance 8 Reservoir Ave Dover NJ 07801
From: Owen Travels Booking Depot Global Ambassador of Mary Queen of All Nations Missionary Alliance to the Philippines
Date: January 2017

Report on my travel to St. Anne Catholic School Balasan Iloilo Philippines

January 21, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Today we visited the orphanage that has been burned last year. It is so sad that the kids have been sent from different parish as the orphanage has been badly damaged by the fire. The good thing was that nobody got hurt. They need your help so they can bring the happiness again for this place as they normally gather a public clinic for the poor and also a Christmas party for the kids. They have told me that they do not have sufficient funds to rebuild a place for that gives hope for the orphanage.

We also visited St. Anne Catholic School in Balasan which is 3 hours from the City of IloIlo, and also at St. Martin Academy in Capiz. The sisters are very grateful for the support you have given to them as well to the teachers whose houses were wiped out during the Yolanda typhoon. They have told me that everything was totally damaged and thanks to MQAN for helping them with the roofing.

Tomorrow is my last day here and thank you MQAN for trusting me. This has been a great experience in my part.

God bless, 

January 20, 2017

I really apologize for such delay as I’ve been busy during the holiday for both work and personal matter. But despite of that, I was able to manage myself to visit the Dominican College here in Iloilo. I was welcomed well by Sr. Evelyn, Sr., Micaela, Sr. Alma, Mother Superior and the rest. They are very kind and generous on welcoming MQAN coming to their place. Especially the scholars, I’ve seen their dedication and eagerness to make MQAN proud of them. The students have prepared as well a program for MQAN and for letting us know how much they truly appreciate the blessings and the help from MQAN and the donors. You can see to them their sincerity that I even dropped a tear that I felt like if Tita Merla can only see what they’ve prepared. The scholars have given their own introduction and from each time they will introduce their selves, my heart is beating that I am controlling my tears because they are so grateful for MQAN.

I have been asked to have a speech in behalf of MQAN and I have told them that they should keep fighting to reach their goal. They are also looking forward for the continuous help and if possible if MQAN can increase the number of scholars as they prefer to focus on the education program as they find the livelihood program quite ineffective as per Sister Alma and Sister Micaela.

Tomorrow, the sisters will be taking us to Capiz and the rural / suburb areas of Panay Island so I can report to you the result of the endless support this missionary group has given to them.

I have attached some photos for this trip. More pictures coming up. Once I have completed my Iloilo mission, I’ll go with the next project. Thanks for being patient with me. God bless you all and more power.



January 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I had a conversation with Sister Evelyn of Dominican College of Iloilo. She has informed me that there’s an excess of 28,000 pesos (roughly around $550) from the livelihood program that MQAN has donated to them. I was also informed by Sister Alma, the head of the school if it is possible to focus on the Scholarship program rather than the livelihood program as they find it more effective to have more kids to finish their studies and they always find a fail result on the livelihood program. They have asked for your approval if it is okay to transfer the existing fund of 28,000 pesos from the livelihood program to the scholarship program to be used by the existing students. As per Sister Evelyn, it would be a great help since they need to finance the scholar’s tuition fee for the next semester. I have included Sister Evelyn on this email so once the board has come up for a decision, she can be easily notified.
Thanks and God Bless as always,