Acknowledgment from Rizza Mae Cordevilla

February 10, 2017

Rizza Mae Cordevilla
78 Sambag Jaro, Iloilo City

Dearest Ms. Merla and the MQAN Team,

I wanna say thank you for giving me a generous Scholarship to those important people who sponsored this donor, and awarded me as one of the scholar. Which will considerably continue in my Hotel and Restaurant Services at Dominican College of Iloilo. I am blessed and thankful that I am one of a student here. I’m actually a working student and this Scholarship of mine is a big help from my family and for my future soon. I will do my best to achieve my development in different school activities, learning lessons as well and gain more knowledge to become a professional someday. I am graduating student in the college of Hotel and Restaurant Services, and I am from Bugasong, Antique. During my school year at the college of Hotel and Restaurant Services. I learned how to cook, bartending, entertaining a lot of guest at the hotel, practical housekeeping especially cruise ship at on-the-job training.

I am very sorry to pass this letter late, because of our mid-term exam last week. And I need to study all my lessons first. Our sister Evelyn De La Cruz OP., keep on reminding us to communicate with you and the MQAN Team. And to prove that helping one of the member of the Scholarship is a thankful blessing from God.

I am hoping to offer my profession in Hotel and Restaurant Services as a big opportunity to excel in this school.And I will offer my prayer not only the member of the Scholarship but the whole Dominican College of Iloilo. Hoping for those who offer this Scholarship will continuously maintain a good influence here in this school.

Again, thank you so much for you kind and consideration!

Including Mr. Roel Dolasco, I would like to say thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Rizza Mae Cordevilla